Craft Timeless Memories and Joyful Celebrations at Their Finest


At Laknara Grand, celebrations are transformed into extraordinary moments that linger in guests’ hearts. Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary, or any joyous occasion, our versatile venue and dedicated staff are here to turn your celebrations into memories that last a lifetime.

At Laknara Grand, we understand the significance of your celebrations. Choose from our diverse range of venues, each offering a unique ambiance to suit your celebration. From intimate gatherings to lively parties with delectable catering options that bring your vision to life and make your special moments truly unique.

Celebrations Laknara Grand
Celebrations Laknara Grand
Celebrations Laknara Grand
Celebrations Laknara Grand

Select from 2 beautiful A/C venues - Binopa & Viska Halls

Stunning colour LED Lights

LED Dance area (Binopa Hall)

Inside A/C Binopa Hall Bar Outside Cabana-style 'Vana Bar' (Viska Hall)

All-inclusive Celebration Package with 23-item buffet (150 guests and above)

All-inclusive Celebration Package with options menu (125 Guests and below). Budget Friendly - personalised menus catered for at reasonable prices

Extensive and well-maintained beautiful garden settings for stunning photographs

Ample on-site car park